Type Website administration panel
Developers Mitchell Cooper
Written in Go
License ISC
Repository adminifier on GitHub


adminifier is quiki's optional site administration panel. While quiki sites can be easily edited and administered from a command line text editor, adminifier brings this environment to the web browser and enhances it with many additional convenient features, such as

  • Online page editor with sophisticated autocompletion and fillable forms to generate code
  • Ability to view, compare, and revert specific revisions
  • Media upload tool
  • Server administration panel for managing multiple sites
  • Role-based user management for differing authority levels
  • Site and server statistics
  • Site and server configuration editors


adminifier is an optional module of the quiki webserver, but no additional setup is required. It is enabled in the default configuration with the following:

@adminifier.enable;           /* whether to enable adminifier */
@adminifier.host: ;           /* HTTP host for adminifier. leave blank to use all hosts */
@adminifier.root: /admin;     /* HTTP root for adminifier. leave blank to use /         */

Optionally, you may change adminifier.host and adminifier.root to configure the HTTP hostname and root path.

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